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 Queen Chaos Morgana Jinx

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PostSubject: Queen Chaos Morgana Jinx   Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:46 am

Name of Character~ Queen Chaos Morgana Jinx
Nickname(s)~ Chaos, Jinxie
Character's Birthday~ 31st October
Age of Character~ 18
Species~ Vampire

Appearance~ Chaos is strikingly beautiful, with a petite frame and small build, yet strong and toned muscles. Her piercing eyes are a murky green, and her dark hair cascades below her shoulders. She is always dressed well, in the latest clothing or gorgeous gowns, depending on the occasion, and she always wears jewellery. Chaos has a scar just under her right eye were she got hit by a piece of debris in one of the Goddess Obsidian’s ruthless storms. She also has a small tattoo inside the wrist of her left hand to show she is left-handed. (Left handed people are very rare and known to be children of the Goddess herself.) She has a birthmark on her thigh that looks somewhat like a flower, though rather than fading over time it has become more prominent.

Personality~ Queen Chaos is not openly afraid of anything, though she does suffer from nightmares. She tells no one of what they are, but wakes up every night screaming. She is always looking over her shoulder, intent on keeping her country and people safe from neighbouring countries that have been built and the Goddess Obsidian herself. Chaos particularly hates disloyalty and rudeness. She always makes a point to be kind and polite to everyone she speaks to. She also loves her country very much and gets on well with almost every inhabitant. Chaos is very distrusting. She of course trusts her people to be strong and so on, but she tells barely anyone anything about herself. Her guardsmen are the only men that know of her nightmares. Her guardsmen and her maid are the only people who really know her. After Chaos’ father’s death, she has been very quiet and she has not been communicating with the Goddess as much as she should. Her faith is becoming her weakness, because she is torn between her love of the Goddess and her hate of the Goddess taking her father from her. However, Chaos is very strong willed and knows what she wants. She will stop at nothing to get it and is very good at hand to hand combat. She is also learning to sword fight, though is only a beginner.

Chaos was born on what we now know as Halloween night. Back then, of course, it was not called so. It was better known as Chaos Evening or just Chaos. And so the Princess got her name, from the absurdity of Halloween night, the night all things dead take on their true appearance. Of course, many would find this distasteful and be terrified of the scene, but for the City of Obsidian it was normality, and even something to celebrate.
And so Princess Chaos Morgana Jinx was born. Her Father, Teja Jinx, taught her everything she knows, as was the wish of the Goddess Obsidian. He taught her to rule the country with a fair but ruthless mind. He taught her to argue her point well enough to get what she wants and more than anything he taught his daughter to love. It was due to this fact that Chaos was very close to her Father.
The Goddess Obsidian, twisted as she was, hated the love that had sprung between Father and child, and took King Teja for her own. He died in his sleep, painfully fitting before losing his soul to the Goddess.
Chaos and her Mother, Xandria, wept and wept. Chaos did not eat and refused to speak to anyone but herself. It was only when she finally came out of her seemingly purposeful daze that she knew her Mother had died also, in her sleep from grief.
Now only Chaos was left, and stuck in a bitter struggle against the powers of the Goddess Obsidian. As the new Queen, she knows she will face many troubles in her time, but is prepared.
Will she survive?
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Queen Chaos Morgana Jinx
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