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 Alenos, The Red Duke of Obsidian.

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PostSubject: Alenos, The Red Duke of Obsidian.   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:17 am

Name of Character~ Alenos.
Nickname(s)~ The Red Duke. The Sword of Chaos.
Character's Birthday~ 11/05/1354
Age of Character~ 20.
Species~ Vampire.

Appearance~ ::Alenos stand's at 5ft 7" tall and has dark brown hair cut short. His hazel eye's are unsual as they have a streak of violet running through them since his siring. His frame is muscled and compacted and he moves with a sinuous grace, almost like a dancer even for a man as muscled as he is.
Pictures~ ::

Personality~ ::Those who have met him and survived describe him as having a feral charm and being extremely intelligant but with an evil temper, which can turn into a beserk fury if he is thwarted in his endevours. Alenos hates all manner of the arcane, he is not a magic user himself and can tollerate other's using it around him as he will need it in the service of Chaos, but to openly invite him to use it is to encur a stern rebuke or perhap's worse. Alenos serves his Queen with his life, and would die for her in a heartbeat if his heart still beat, this add's an edge to his dealing's with her and for her. Alenos has a bad habit during feeding of selecting his victim, he will talk to them and get to know them perhap's even go so far as to keep them as a pet before feeding from them in the end.

History/Background~ ::

The tale of the red duke is an ancient Obsidian legend, and is well known throughout those lands. There are many versions’, some of which portray the Duke as a tragic victim, others that paint a story of a heartless bloodthirsty beast. The troubadour’s of Obsidian use all manner of flouncing, flowery language for their song’s and tales, making it all but impossible to tell historical fact from linguistic embroidery.

One thing that is known is a messenger from the Queen of Obsidian reached the Red Duke, mere hours before he was due to take the field. Some say, it was the queen herself, other’s one of her handmaiden’s and more say it was neither at all. Dawn had not yet risen when the messenger reached the Duke, who was mortal then refused all dealings with the messenger and sent them upon their way, back out into the night.

So the Duke rode to war, and was mortally wounded upon the battlefields of the enemies of Obsidian. His loyal retainer’s marched across the land’s of Obsidian, bearing their feverish and wounded lord through all manner’s of enemy, and creatures of the everlasting darkness upon a covered brier. Most including his own brother who was present upon the field that day, and through the long march back thought the Duke was destined to die. Some other force it seemed has other plan’s for the Duke, he survived the journey and was taken to his quarter’s within the castle to die peacefully in his own bed.

A gloom fell over his castle as he finally succumbed to his fever and wound’s, His knight’s who had endured so much in his service, mourned greatly and swore to serve their master, even in death- an oath that would lead to their downfall. The duke was buried with due ceremony within the mausoleum’s of his family in the castle catacomb’s as was their custom. For three days and nights the duke rested within his sarcophagus. Then as the more cliché of Obsidian’s tale-teller would have us believe, there came a dark and stormy night like no other witnessed in Obsidian. Amidst the clamour of thunder and the flash of lightening, the dead duke rose from his stone coffin. He was no longer a Mortal Champion, but a foul lord of the undead and servant of the Queen of Obsidian.

In a few terrible hours the Duke, newly arisen and strong, slew his retainer’s and those who had not sworn to serve him in his afterlife. Raising his loyal knight’s to stand beside him as creatures of the true obsidian. Vampires..

And so the true story of the Red Duke of Obsidian began, his name scrubbed from mortal record’s became famous in the annals’ of the vampires. The duke..., Whose name in life had been Alenos, rode throughout the land, slaying all manner of creatures of the dark and furthering his own undead life in the service of Queen Chaos.

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PostSubject: Re: Alenos, The Red Duke of Obsidian.   Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:43 am

Accepted x
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Alenos, The Red Duke of Obsidian.
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