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 Ivy Rain Zarlina

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PostSubject: Ivy Rain Zarlina   Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:59 pm

Name of Character: Ivy Rain
Nickname(s) Rain, Ri-Ri, Rainy
Character's Birthday: 7th August 1902
Age of Character: 19
Species: Vampire

Appearance: Ivy has beautiful green eyes and long thick dark brown hair. Her skin is a creamy gold colour and sets off her vivid emerald eyes even more. She has thick long black eyelashes which makes her eyes look like gems and a perfect figure. She had beautiful sapphire tattoo’s down the left side of her face and a sapphire crescent mark in the centre of her forehead. The sapphire markings are that of ivy and they twine and lace down around her left eye and down her left cheek. They then flow down her chest plate and end mid way down her left breast. At the back they have trailed down to her mid back and still spread. She stands at 5ft 6 and is also very athletically shaped as well as strong.


Personality: Ivy isn’t a very fearful girl, especially after her past and growing up in the Amazon with warriors. Her main fear is to be lonely; she cannot stand the idea of being alone in the world. She hates back stabbers and bitches and has grown up to treat men like animals as that is what they think of women. Ivy however will not judge anyone by their sexuality or looks. She will wait for someone to give her a reason to hate them. She also hates people who lie and who don’t get straight to the point of things. She loves the sunset and sunrise and nature on a whole. She had an annoying habit of biting her lip when she is upset. Her main weakness is her family, if anything happens to them she would fall to pieces. However it is also one of her strengths, with her family she is everything and anything. She believes in the great Goddess of the Women and the fight for freedom that nobody has one just yet.

History/Background: Ivy was born in 1763 on 15th August with her twin sister Lily. They were born to Tallulah Zarlia and John Zarlia. They lived a decent life, they went to nursery, had friends, they even had their own little garden in which they played. This was until they were 5. John was furiously murdered when a coven of bloodthirsty vampires attacked their home. Whilst trying to protect her twin daughters Tallulah was bitten and turned. Fleeing when the male leader of the group came to claim his prize, the twins watched in pure horror as the man ravaged their mother before drinking from her and killing her. Noticing he was being watch the vampire attacked the twins. Protecting each other they both managed to only be bitten before they escaped out of an air vent.
They wondered the lands, crying and alone. They didn’t have anywhere to go. They made their way through Greece, growing up in the wild. They taught themselves how to read, to write, to hunt and to run. When they were 6 they were found by two beautiful women. By this time they had both been turned into vampires but their blood had...a cure to the vampire change in it so they only became half vampire. Two Amazon warriors whisked the children off back to their homeland after discovering their unique blood type.
From there they grew up with the Amazonian sisters – a vampire coven that followed the ancient ways. They learnt the ways of the Goddess and how she looked over vampire women. They soon grew to be extremely against men vampires. They were rough and violent and what they saw with their mother only added to that Faith. Men Vampires couldn’t be trusted. The Amazonian vampires were a coven of strong vampire women who lived in the middle of the great Amazon rainforest.
On their 18th birthdays Lily and Ivy were invited to go into the Cave of Womanhood. It was a place they were meant to spend the night and the Goddess would fill them with what they were meant to do in life. When Ivy went in she laid down on one of the stone beds, holding her sisters hand. They talked about their lives for hours until they both fell asleep. Ivy dreamed of a beautiful meadow and in that meadow stood a deer. She ran for it but it bounded off. She stopped and watched it, fascinated by its beauty.
“Hello Ivy,” Ivy spun around and looked at the Goddess in front of her. She was beautiful, truly beautiful. The woman walked up to her without a hesitation in her flawless step. She kissed the girls forehead and smiled warmly so the corners of her eyes wrinkled slightly.
“I have longed to meet you Ivy Rain, this is when you’re life begins...I gift you with elements: Fire, water, air, earth and spirit to share with your sister. I gift you with the site of those gone before you and the firey faith of those you meet. Spirit and Fire will be your main elements. The others you will have access to but those will be your most powerful ones. Choose what you do wisely with them. You and your sister will be my eyes and ears in the world you are about to embark out into.” She said and with that she brushed a hand down Ivys cheek, neck and chest and smiled like a concerned mother.
“Good luck, Ivy.”
When Ivy awoke it was to the sound of her harsh breathing. Her skin tingled badly as she looked at her sister who was sitting up as well. She saw Lily’s eyes widen as she took in Ivy’s tattoos – a beautiful stream of Sapphire coloured ivy and leaves which twined from her left eye down her cheek, jaw line, neck and chest to the mid way of her left breast where the Goddess had touched. After talking over what they had heard they both decided to listen to what the woman in their dreams said:
They had to visit their cousin, Chaos, in Obsidian.
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PostSubject: Re: Ivy Rain Zarlina   Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:01 pm

Accepted XD
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Accepted x
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Ivy Rain Zarlina
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