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 Daniel James Lee

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PostSubject: Daniel James Lee   Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:11 pm

Name of Character~ Daniel James Lee
Nickname(s)~ Danny
Character's Birthday~ 7th February
Age of Character~ 24
Species~ Vampire

Appearance~ Danny has dark hair, dark eyes and fairly pale skin, though not as pale as most vampires. He looks more human than the other vampires, however, unlike the rest, his eyes change when he is in vampire form. He is tall, muscular and can be very intimidating to look at, yet has kind eyes and a smooth, trusting voice.

Personality~ Danny is very loving, and unlike most vampires, he doesn't despise humans. He is very loyal to those he is close to, including his brother, Stephen. His only fear is that of water; he cannot swim. Danny doesn't hate anything in particular, though he is highly against anything to do with the Goddess Obsidian. He does not fear her, just hates her with vengeance. Danny is very protective over those he loves, and will not let them fall, although sometimes he can be slightly too smothering. The beast within him only surfaces when he is hunting or feeding, and he runs the risk of bloodlust if he loses control of his vampire self.

History/Background~ Danny James Lee hates the monster he is. A vampire, yet - but not a normal one. Brought up in the confines of a small town, where everyone knows everyone, Danny is physically and metnally incapable of killing. And so, him and his brother, Stephen Joseph Lee, sought out the protection of the Goddess. Of course, their faith grew weary after 100 years of following her directions and ending up nowhere.
Yet one night, whilst Stephen was ranting and raving (as is the normal with Stephen) about their life, Danny noticed a small star, moving across the sky. There weren't as meant stars as there had been before the "apocolypse", as everyone called it. That was when the brother's had been changed. They had no recollection of any family, apart from each and so were not berieved in way apart from the fact that they could not feed and satisfy themselves.
Danny watched this star, and heard the soft whisper in his head, ordering him to follow it's course.
After yelling at Stephen and shut the fuck up, and almost dragging him along for about a mile, Danny explained what he had seen and heard.
Anxious at first, Stephen was reluctant to go along with the radical and sudden change of direction, But Danny's faith was renewed, his trust eternal for the Goddess Obsidian.
The brothers were to head to the City Obsidian - built by the famous Lord Teja Jinx. It was said to be ruled by a ruthless Queen, who would soon see to it that the brothers were fed and safe.
And so, here the pair are, trapped in a world where blood takes precidence over everything else, and where the very Queen herself does not care for mortals like the brothers did.
Could Danny really learn to kill a mortal human being? Would he really find his vampiric home stuck here in Obsidian.
Time to find out...

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Daniel James Lee
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