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 Alice.A.Enma (FINISHED)

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PostSubject: Alice.A.Enma (FINISHED)   Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:29 pm

Name of Character:Alice Alistair Enma
Nickname(s): Ali,Enma,Ema,Alistair
Character's Birthday: 30th March
Age of Character: 15
Species: Demonic vampire (demon and vampire hybrid)

Appearance:Alice has contrasting features that are considered rare. She has very straight black hair,raven black that reaches down to her hips.It's usualy loose and not tied up though her fringe does get in her way sometimes.Her eyes are a piercing ice blue that turn red when she uses demonic powers.There are a lot of bandages covering her upper torso,left arm and right leg due to the trouble she gets in.Though she has no scars,the bandages has become an accessorie of sorts,also she wraps a thin later over her eyes during the day since she dslikes daylight.Alice's preference in clothes are dark flowing jackets and tight blck trousers for easy movement.She does wear dresses when walking around town.Because her pale features and eyes contrasts with her clothes and hair,Alice does look rather scary at times.

Personality:Calm and collected,you'll rarely see her starting fights.Her eyes attracts unwanted attention so that's the reason for the bandages covering her eyes,also the fact that Alice hates the sun even though she isn't sensitive to it at all.Alice is never irritated,always gentle and quiet though her protective side can turn her violent.Her tolleration is high and so is her patience but,it still has a limit.She's very good with children.Her gentle smile is very attractive though she doesn't smile all the time.

Her telepathic powers are high however she hardly ever uses it because it drains her energy easily.Instead,she controls shadows to defend herself and to fight along with minor black magic spells.Alice can't drink human blood because it drives her crazy so instead she drinks animal blood .e.g. deers,horses.After suffering memory loss,Alice is very withdrawn from other people and is usualy lonely.She also has a weakness of chocolate and a fear of being alone.

History/Background:Alice was born to a vampire mother,Alisa,and a demon father,Vincent.Her birth was seen as a sort of mistake and she was abandoned from birth.A clan of vampires took her in and raised her well.She lived with the Kanon clan until the age of seven,when her demon side slowly started to awaken.The Kanons started becomming afraid of Alice,locking her into a dark room where no sound or sunlight could reach.

The lack of sun and sound had a horrific affect on her mind,almost driving her to the point of insanity.She escaped from the room,but was soon caught by members of the Kanon's clan.As an act of self defence,Alice killed six vampires however she suffered almost fatal injuries herself...Left to die in a graveyard,she recovered,the wounds had healed due to her demon blood.The trauma had caused memory loss.Alice can't remember the events from before she woke up in the graveyard.She only remembers her own name.

Alice started to traveling,living a free life though news that she was alive had reached the Kanons.Now they are out trying to take revenge on her.Also,Alice's parents are currently looking for her.The reason of that is unknown.

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PostSubject: Re: Alice.A.Enma (FINISHED)   Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:38 pm

Accepted x
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Alice.A.Enma (FINISHED)
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