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 Thunder and his pack

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PostSubject: Thunder and his pack   Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:54 am

Name of Character :: Thunder - Alpha male wolf
Nickname(s) :: -None-
Character's Birthday :: 1st January
Age of Character :: 10
Species~ :: Demon Wolf

Appearance~ :: With black and a striking sapphire blue fur Thunder is not a wolf to mess with. His hansom blue eyes can capture your heart in a minute but his teeth are as sharp as a thousand swords. With a bandaged right leg Thunder ignores the wound he was dealt so long ago. His chain that wraps around his upper right leg and twins down to his paw shows he is bound to his master Chaos for eternity. He has striking wings that are 3 meters wide each way and can act as a brilliant cover.

Pictures~ ::

Personality~ :: Thunder has a very short temper and will snap at even his beloved mate, Lightening and his cubs. The only one he has never snapped at is Chaos. He is utterly loyal to the woman and refuses to leave her side if she is in danger. He will protect her and anyone she asks him to to his last breath. Thunder isn't really scared of anything due to his time in hell, he sees death as an easy escape though and he never wants to go back to Hell. So you could say that he is scared of Hell.
Thunder can make sapphire spikes shoot out of his body, and therefore turn into a wolf made of sapphire at the same time. He can also turn into a wolf made of a beautiful blue flame which is deadly if you come within 5 meters of it. He is a fast wolf and can run for a week straight at full sprint even though afterwards he will collapse and sleep for another week.
Thunder can be loveable once you get to know him though. He tries to control his anger around his lover and cubs even though it is hard. He loves to spend time with his son who he hopes will take over his pack when he is older. He also loves nothing more than roar meat dripping in blood as a nice tasty dinner.

History/Background~ :: Thunder was dragged to hell when he was a pup and his father sacrafised him to bring back his mother. Ever since he was a pup he has faced the horrible fact of death. Used as a slave, Thunder made his way through life growing more and more brutal. He toughened himself up and one day, when the carts he pulled stopped for their 5 minute break Thunder used his teeth to rip apart the chains binding him and leap from the gateway of hell into the real world.
Thunder didn't make it far when he was to tired and exhausted to continue any further. He had dragged his chains with him the entire way, unable to shake them off. He had one binding his neck and the other his back legs and one on each of his fore paws. He collapsed just outside of Obsidian.
Chaos was only a little girl when she had found Thunder. She unbound his chains and called him her pretty puppy - him being still a small pup to her and not having lost all of his puppy fur yet. He let her nurse him back to health and grew to love the little girl. Soon they met up every saturday, then every other saturday, then once a month, then once a year, slowly she slipped away from him. He wondered around on his own.
He was hunting when he met Lightening. He was about 6 years old by this time. She was the most beautiful wolf he had ever seen but he was angry that she had got the food before him so he attacked her. The pair had rolled down the hill snapping and snarling at one another until they landed at the bottom and Lightening had looked at him with wide angelic eyes. He felt his cold heart melt further. He belonged to her and Chaos now.
Soon he showed Lightening his home land and there he re found Chaos. She was delighted he had found and mate and given them their names. They lived in Obsidian and had 2 pups. Slowly they got a pack together by wondering around and fighting of any other wolves that tried to take over their patch. Some joined others died.

After going away for two years to chase some young wolves completely off of his land, Thunder returns to his home with his wife and now 4 little cubs and a pack, all designed to kill. All at the Queens beckoned call.
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PostSubject: Re: Thunder and his pack   Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:00 am

Accepted x
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Thunder and his pack
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