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 Lightening - The alpha female and her cubs

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PostSubject: Lightening - The alpha female and her cubs   Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:29 am

Name of Character~ Lightening
Nickname(s)~ Lit-Lit
Character's Birthday~ 25 December
Age of Character~ 8
Species~ :: Angelic wolf

Appearance~ :: Lightening is a beautiful plain white wolf with green eyes. She had green stripes all down her back and over her two large wings. She has a large fringe that falls over her left eye and a very angelic body. You can tell she is a female from a distance from the elegant way she holds herself.

Pictures~ ::

Personality~ ::Lightening is the calm side of Thunder. She has never lost her temper before and refuses to do so. She always gives Thunder this knowing look, looking up through her long eyelashes and tilting her head slightly to the side to make him stop snapping before she licks his cheek. She hates nothing. Things annoy her now and then but really Lightening loves anyone and anything. She is a very fast wolf and is a better hunter than Thunder in the sense she has patience to track things so therefore gets things done quicker. Lightening is utterly dedicated to her cubs and Thunder although she was someone elses owner before then... someone she hopes to find in obsidian.

History/Background~ :: Lightening was brought up by a loving kind man before he died and she lost him. She saw him leave for a battle and then return sick and injured. She thought he was going to die and so did everyone else so the threw her out of her home. Wondering the woods on her own Lightening was scared and frightened of every little noise. Slowly she built herself up so that she didn't have to be scared of every little noise. She became tough, strong and independant. She taught herself how to hunt and how to track. She taught herself how to listen to everything around her and even mind touch people like Thunder could. She could talk to any animal or person she wished by simply touching a peice of their clothing or body.
Slowly Lightening began to get use to the wild life, she was 4 when she ran into Thunder who had decided to bundle her down a hill after he tried to steal her meal. She was ready to fight for it but when she looked into his eyes she felt herself fall in love. He took her home with her and showed her to his master. She loved and cherished him and his master and swore to serve her until she found her real master.
She gave birth to four dazzling cubs - one each year which brought her up to her 8th birthday. She was happy when they returned to Obsidian but something was different...she could feel her master.

Cubs ::

Bolt has a red symbol on his head which means tainted although it looks like a small bolt hence his name. He has midnight black fur and large wings.

Bolt is the eldest of the four cubs and is extremly protective over his little brothers and sisters. He likes nothing more than to cause mischief as his power is to create illusions and burn someone inside out with one of his "Evil glares" a power inhertied from his fathers demon side. He loves to hang out with his father as he feels like he has something to live for but he can turn into a little pup when his father snarls at him
Age : 2


This wolf is a mixture of beautiful golds, yellows, oranges and reds with dazzling blue eyes. She is indeed the eldest daughter and acts as old as her twin brother, Bolt. They are alike in personalities and in fears except FireFly hates being in her fathers favour, She wants to be free and independent even though she couldn't last a day on her own as she is easily spooked. She can set herself on fire like her father, turning herself into a pure ball of fire. She i the best flyer out of the cubs and loves nothing more than to fly around the sky while alight which makes Embers fall to the floor like beautiful stars.

Age: 2


Fox is a brown pup and was named fox due to his foxy features. He has grown into his name and is one year older than Roxy. He loves to pick on his little sister and is usually snapped at it from his father. He is laid back and relaxed but a brilliant listening and advisor.

Age: 1


Roxy has grey and black fur with cute little ears and a collar which Chaos gave her when she was born which she never takes off. Being the youngest she is no doubtably the most adorable out of the four. She has tiny little wings which can just pick her up off of the floor.

Roxy is a lively bubbly pup and she loves nothing more than to cause mischief like her older brother, Bolt. She can create earthquakes and mike huge spikes of earth shoot out of the ground by just jumping up and down, which she does alot, she hasn't learnt to control her powers yet but she is learning. She is a mummy pup and is always snuggled into her side.

age: 6 months

**They can all mind touch like their mother and father**

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PostSubject: Re: Lightening - The alpha female and her cubs   Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:26 pm

Accepted x
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Lightening - The alpha female and her cubs
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