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 Draethan- Shadow of Red.

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PostSubject: Draethan- Shadow of Red.   Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:23 pm

Name of Character~ Draethan
Nickname(s)~ Shadow of Red.
Character's Birthday~ 11/05/1354
Age of Character~ 20.
Species~ Vampire.

Appearance~ ::Draethan stand's at 5ft 7" tall and has dark black hair grown long. His hazel eye's are unsual as they have a streak of violet running through them since his siring, mirroring those of his brother Alenos. His frame is muscled and compacted and he moves with a sinuous grace, almost like a dancer even for a man as muscled as he is.


Personality~ ::Those who have met him and survived describe him as having a feral charm and being extremely intelligant but with an evil temper, which can turn into a beserk fury if he is thwarted in his endevours. Draethan is a user of the Arcane and the only magic user his brother Alenos will tolerate and actively seek out to help in the practising of his craft. Draethan has been travelling the world learning all matter’s of the dark art’s and Arcane magic’s, studying with the master’s of the art from the temple in Obsidian to the blood temple of Khaine far beyond the sea. Draethan seems to exulte a raw sense of power like his brother Alenos, Where Alenos’ consists of pure Killing menace, Draethan’s comes from his ability to kill your immortal soul.
History/Background~ ::

The tale of the red duke is an ancient Obsidian legend, and is well known throughout those lands. There are many versions’, some of which portray the Duke as a tragic victim, others that paint a story of a heartless bloodthirsty beast. The troubadour’s of Obsidian use all manner of flouncing, flowery language for their song’s and tales, making it all but impossible to tell historical fact from linguistic embroidery.

One thing that is known is a messenger from the Queen of Obsidian reached the Red Duke, mere hours before he was due to take the field. Some say, it was the queen herself, other’s one of her handmaiden’s and more say it was neither at all. Dawn had not yet risen when the messenger reached the Duke, who was mortal then refused all dealings with the messenger and sent them upon their way, back out into the night.
Woven beneath this flowery tale is that of Draethan..Brother to Alenos. Twin’s for all but their hair Draethen and Alenos were turned on the night of the battle and Draethan was stolen from his frail and slowly dying brother to learn more of the Arcane. The order of the dawn having sensed the Arcane potential in him almost immediately as he and his brother made their conquest’s.
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PostSubject: Re: Draethan- Shadow of Red.   Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:38 am

Accepted, but please get some more pictures as these ones don't show up.
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Draethan- Shadow of Red.
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