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 Alyx Mitheli

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PostSubject: Alyx Mitheli   Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:50 pm

Name of Character: Alyx Roxanne Mitheli[MHI-TELL-EE]
Nickname(s): Roxanne, Roxy
Character's Birthday : May 16, 1993
Age of Character: 17
Species: Angel
Appearance: Medium length brow hair, bright green eyes, and beautifully pale light skin. On her wrist is an angels mark, and she also has a tattoo starting just above her right breast, and traveling down to just below her hip, and the tattoo is a line of stars.


Personality: Alyx is a sweet, loving person, but she has a rebellious side. She likes everyone she meets, until they give her a reason not to like them, which is rare, as she tries very hard to find the good in everybody. Alyx is helpful, and enjoys bringing happiness to others. She is a great problem solver, and is very determined. She rarely ever yells, and when she does it's something serious. Alyx is nearly the epitome of an angel. Nearly.

History/Background: Alyx hasn't done anything great, really. Her life is average, even for an angel. Until now, she's lived in the same place her whole life, with the same people, same buldings, and houses. Nothing was ever new. Now, her family has moved to an entirely new area, where Alyx knows absolutely no one, and nothing. When her parents told her brother and herself that they were moving, she threw a fit. She screamed an yelled, and said, "This isn't fair," just like any other teenager would. Alyx is not a fan of change, and changing 17 years of everything was definitely not going to go over well. She wonders if in this new place she'll be accepted as easily as she had been before. If she'll make friends quickly, or if she'll go from being the mildly popular one to the loner in the corner. She hopes though, that along the way she'll do something amazing. Something worth remembering. We'll see.
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PostSubject: Re: Alyx Mitheli   Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:34 pm

Accepted x
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Alyx Mitheli
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