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 The Beginning

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The Beginning Empty
PostSubject: The Beginning   The Beginning EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 1:16 pm

In the beginning there was nothing. The Earth was an oblivion - devoid of everything and anything, living or dead. It was from this darkness and emptiness a Goddess rose. Her beauty lit the lands like the sun; her touch created loveliness to mirror her own and her kiss brought life and humanity to Earth filled with adoration and care. This Goddess's name was Obsidian.
For millennia, the humans and Goddess lived in harmony, relishing everything on the land and living with love and happiness in their hearts.
However, in humans Obsidian had planted a seed of greed, lust and hatred. It was now that it started to germinate and grow, and soon the harmonious Earth became a land of war, fear and death.
The Goddess could not bear to see her creations abused so – to see her Earth ruined by humanity alone. She wrought havoc; her soul becoming overtaken by the immense hatred for the life she had created in love and care. Lightning flashed and thunder cursed. The rain drove down incessantly; fire and plague alike spread throughout the land.
Within a single decade every living creature on Earth was dead. Apart from one. A man named Teja prayed to the Goddess for another chance at life; another chance at building a beautiful home. His grief-stricken heart drove his determination and Obsidian blessed the young man with immortality and what we know today was vampire venom. He stalked the land, raising the dead and creating a new world - Obsidian - named so after the Goddess herself.
The Goddess Obsidian smiled down on Teja and fell in love with his creation. Soon, Teja became King of the Land of Obsidian and ruled with a fair ruthlessness that made sure history did not repeat itself. However, the land was not harmonious. Far from it, in fact. The Goddess, forever bound to mourn the Earth she once made, wrought havoc on the Obsidian lands. Storms batter the town and cities, the hills and valleys.
Yet soon the Goddess Obsidian's warped and twisted soul took over, and she took King Teja for her own, leaving his lonely wife and daughter to rule the dark world they had created. Teja’s wife, Xandria, was taken by heartbreak, and passed away in her sleep, forever trapped in a cacophony of nightmares and screams.
This only left Chaos – Princess of Obsidian – to reign over the land and keep order.
And now, with a new civilisation risen from the dead, and a new Queen, can Obsidian survive the horrors, agony and suffering of the twisted Goddess’s fitful trap?
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The Beginning
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