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 Vincent VanGuard

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PostSubject: Vincent VanGuard   Vincent VanGuard EmptyFri Feb 12, 2010 1:10 pm

Name of Character:Vincent VanGuard
Character's Birthday:29th August
Age of Character:Looks around 23
Species~ :Demon

Appearance~ :His height is 6'7.He is slender and lean and has a pale complexion like the rest of his race. He has long, thin, very deep brown hair , with a long fringe and reddish brown eyes.Vincent's eyes shifts into different shades of red depending on his mood.Not much is expressed on his face,he always has a calm face that masks what he's thinking.

Pictures~ :Vincent VanGuard Anotherrandomguybvc

Vincent VanGuard Kaname

Personality~ :He’s normally a stoic and authoritative individual,but he has his soft side that is rarely seen.Vincent always masks his emotions and doesn't like much socialising.Being very secretive and mysterious tends to show that he dislikes attention though he has a high tollerance and patience.It takes a lot to make him angry,minor disturbances doesn't make him care one bit.If anything,he loves his family the most.The only thing he ever cares about is his lover and his daughter.If any harm comes upon them,he will not hessiate to take ANY means of action necissary to keep them safe.Vincent is notorious for plotting various things just to keep his loved ones safe.He may not seem it but,he is very much a good father though he isn't very aware of it himself.His daughter worries him the most and he tries not to overreact and keeps an eye on his daughter nearly all the time.

History/Background~ :Born and living his whole life as a demon,Vincent couldn't really understand emotions.He was highly respected and feared at the same time because of his skills over black/demonic magic.It became boring...Always the same things,nothing ever caught his interest.He became curious and sought out a way to rid himself of his boredom.A trip to the world outside of the demon realm changed him dramatically.Never had emotions flooded into him,which needed a lot to get used to.Nothing could prepare him for when he met his lover,Alisa.

Alisa was a pureblooded vampire and the two were attracted to each other.Though their relationship would be critisised,Vincent couldn't care.He had come to love another and he enjoyed it.The two dated for many years until Alisa became pregnant.It caught them both off guard and the birth of a baby girl caused happiness and guilt.Vincent couldn't let his precious child into the demon realm,where she would suffer rumours and the harsh treatment of other demons.Alisa's family would not accept the child so Vincent could only go with one option:to give her up to another family.

He felt so very much attached to his daughter and couldn't really just let her go.Even now,he watched over her and secretly gets rid of the vampires who are after his daughter's blood.He's waiting for the right time to confront his daughter,Alice who suffers from amnesia.
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Vincent VanGuard
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