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 Anisea Salvator

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Name of Character~ Anisea Ann Salvator

Nickname(s)~ Ani

Character's Birthday~ August 21, 1895

Age of Character~ 115 Looks 21

Species~ ::Vampire

Appearance~ ::
Anisea has long dark curly hair, her eyes are a light brown. She may live in modern times but she would rather wear the fashion of when she was growing up. It would usuallu be black pants with riding boots that come up to her knees and a lace up corset type shirt. But on occasion she will wear jeans, t-shirts and when needed dresses.

Anisea Salvator Van-helsing-photo-xl-van-helsing-6228895
Anisea Salvator Van-helsing-photo-van-helsing-6229232

Personality~ ::
She has a very kind heart. But when she has her mind set on something she will get it done, no matter who is in her way. She is nt a very trusting person though, you have to earn her trust and show that you are a noble person. She hates it when people are rude and mistreating others, especially authority. This is not the type of person you would want to get on the bad side of, or meet in a dark ally way. She is a very skilled swords man and handy with a pistol.

History/Background~ ::
Anisea was born on August 21, 1895 in Romania. At the age of 16 she was orphaned when her parents were attacked by some sort of wild animals, at that time she did not know anything of vampires or the supernatural world. She had to grow up fast and learn to take care of herself. One of the elders of the village took her in as his own and taught her how to sword fight, she eventually became the best in the village. Everyone who challenged her soon found that she was quick not only with a sword but light on her feet and could move quickly. She was determained to find the things that killed her parents and get her revenge. Years later at the age of twenty-one she married Carlous Salvator, she did not know that he was a vampire. On their wedding night Carlous bit Anisea and left her for dead in the woods behind the village. But before leaving her he whispered something in her ear, it was "I should have killed you when I killed your parents." He had planned on killing her, but luckily the man that raised Anisea found her and was able to watch and care for her once more while she turned.
She was now the very creature that killed her parents, she would never look at life the same. After she had been turned she set out to find Carlous again, to get her revenge on him for what he had done to her and her family. It took her many years to find him, he was not a vampire that was easily found, he covered his tracks well. The trail finally led to to England where she found and killed Carlous. She didn't know what to do now, she had spent most of her life searching for Carlous and to get revenge.
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Anisea Salvator
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