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 Topic And Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Topic And Posting Rules   Topic And Posting Rules EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 2:45 pm

When posting and starting topics please follow these rules. I know it's boring but it keeps the site clean and nice for everyone to enjoy.

~When starting a topic, do not use swear words in the topic title. You can swear in posts, but not in topic titles. It just makes Obsidian look cleaner. People won't join if they think we are a blasphemous forum, and we must consider that some people may find swearing offensive.
~When someone has started a topic, only reply once before they post again. This prevents topics being taken over. It's very annoying when you leave a post for a night and return to find your character has been forgotten.
~When posting, please don't go all pornographical on us. If you do end up having sex just do the before and after. Don't go into details of the actual action. It's disgusting and funnily enough it's against the law.
~If a character is considerably bitchy towards another character, and the member feels targeted, they can contact a member of admin and it will be sorted. Remember:: Bullying is just as likely to happen in character than in is out of character.
~Any bullying out of character is not tolerated, either. Bullies found will automatically be deleted. Cyber bullying is a cowards way of being horrible and we will not have it in out forums.
~Any fights posts while out of character will be deleted. We're not here to have a bitch fight. We're here to write and have a giggle. You can imagine what it's like when people come and visit and see bitch fights scattered everywhere. Be nice, Accept people. If you have a grudge against a particular person either avoid them or talk to the admins.
~Please make sure your post is in the area you have the topic in. If you move, start a different topic in the appropriate area. For example, if you post in the University, but move to the Hospital, end the topic in the University and start a new one in the Hospital leading on from where you left off. This helps us keep the site clean and up to date, rather than having a back-log of old posts and abnormally long ones.
~Posts must be more than five lines long. Any less and they will be deleted. People must have something to work with. If you post one line posts often you will be warned.
~Only members may post. Any guest posts will be deleted. If you wish to post please register and wait for your account to be activated. You will get an email when your account has been activated by a member of admin.
~It is considered rude to butt in on people's posts. If two people have posted more than five times please do not post in their topic unless they invite you via pm or roleplay. If you are invited in the topic title, then you can also post.
~Please, if you as a member have more than one character, please colour code your character. It helps us as admin and other members to see who you're writing as. ALso, it makes our forum look lovely and colourful.

That's it!
Enjoy posting!
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Topic And Posting Rules
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