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 Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~

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Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~ Empty
PostSubject: Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~   Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~ EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 7:30 am

Lily walked into the stables with her twin; Ivy. It had been so long since they had returned to Obsidian. She still remembered the beautiful atmosphere though, and how pretty everything around her was. Her bright sapphire eyes sparkled with longing. She was glad she had returned to Obsidian, afterall she hadnt seen her cousin; Chaos in ages.
Her long dark hair fell down her back in her natural ringlets, some strands falling down her face and over her shoulders, down her front. She looked so different from when she had last seen her cousin, so so different it was beyond belief. For one; she had been blessed, blessed by the Goddess with all five elements, along with her twin; Ivy.
She now had beautiful amethest markings down that twined around her right eye and cascaded down her cheek and down her neck. That had spread down her chest and also down her back and still continuing to spread. They looked like vines entwining around eachother down, with little lilies sitting elegantly apon the vines. Her eyes had changed colour along to match her markings, where the Goddess had touched. They were now a beautiful bright amethest colour, with natural sparkles falling from her bold black eye lashes.
She was in a simple pure white dress, hugging her hourglass figure and ending just in the middle of her thighs. She looked to her Twin and smiled.
"Do you think she'll reconize us?" She asked her, with a smile. Then something caught her eyes, it was a horse, a beautiful midnight black horse.
"Midnight!" She squeeled, making her way quickly to where the horses stable was. It was her horse, after all this time her horse was still here. She opened the gate and stepped inside, allowing Ivy in aswell before she closed the gate behind them both. She stroked the horse softly, smiling brighty as she saw the horse nuzzle into her hand. It was her horse.
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Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~   Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~ EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 10:56 am

Ivy was motionless, her face devoid of all expression as she watched her sister. The tattoo's on her face spiraled down her cheek, over her chest and all down the length of her left side. She just looked around, seeming bored in the way her eyes glazed over, obtaining a far away expression that read:
"GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE I SCREAM," kind of look. She looked blankly at her sister when she squealed something about her horse. She didn't think to look for her horse, she didn't care for it anymore. It was free. She looked away once again bored after the small thought.
"I don't know, she probably will, you know Chaos," she snorted slightly. "Anyway I met her earlier so she knows who I am and she recognized me right away," she said with a slight smile, the only expression on her blank face.
Ivy was wearing her usual clothes, the thigh fitting leather trousers and the right red vest top that set off the fire in her blood, the fire that was hers. She had red streaks running through her hair today which showed she was not in one of her best moods. She was thirsty and she wanted to hunt soon. She only fed off men though so her emotions were going to be out of balance for a while after.
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Chaos? ~Invite-Ivy+Chaos~
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